Winery Layout Guidance Tank Integrated Layout and Design

Draxton tall narrow wine tanks
long shot Draxton tall narrow wine tanks

Winery Layout Guidance

Exterior and Interior Layout Planning

Winemakers appreciate being able to talk in gallons or truckloads or tons of fruit when talking about their tank farm needs to the experts at Westec. The facility pictured was designed with 6500 gallon tanker truckloads in mind. All the tanks were designed in increments of 6500: Half, full, 1.5, 2.5, 3 tankers.

These images show about one-third of the tanks in the building. Working with fixed rectangular footprint, the only way to get the gallonage desired was to go up, hence the tall, narrow shape of the tanks on the left.

3D Modeling Software

Working with owner, Westec can develop a cohesive plan that includes more than tank circles in a rectangular room. Westec can help plan aisles, access points, doorways, stairwells, catwalks and raceways for utilities throughout the building. This enables other building professionals to better design drains, floor slopes and details to minimize construction time and costs. Westec uses 3D modeling software to develop the ideal design for your exterior tank farms or interior installations.

Tank Planning Early in Building Design Process

Vintners who provide their architects with tank placement details early in the planning process get superior results, allowing architectural form to follow function. We make it easy to evaluate different configurations and offer options for labor-saving and cost-reduction. We offer delivery coordination along with installation service, and we strive to make sure your equipment is as technologically advanced, well built, easy to maintain, safe and aesthetically appealing as possible.

More than Thirty Years Specialty Tank Design

From start to finish engineering of tanks, catwalks, pads, embeds, layout and installation, wineries have relied on Westec for more than thirty years to do it all. Westec's experience brings you the latest design ideas and labor-saving techniques. Our knowledge of city and county building codes will assist you in designing your facility work space. Westec holds (B) general, C60 (welding), and C38 (refrigeration) contractors' licenses.

Good Planning Lowers Costs

Westec will help not only with field-built tank farms, but also with planning interior installations. Good planning by experienced fabricators can lower construction costs, construction time and reduce costly errors.

stainless wine tank facility design
Draxton Wine tanks large gallonage