Portable, Stackable, Stainless Wine Tanks Forklift ready

portable stainless steel wine tank

Portable Wine Tanks

Dimple jackets to 6' wide, easy to forklift

Westec Tank & Equipment has re-designed the portable tank for even greater usability and flexibility. Dimple jackets in five-foot or six-foot widths provide even temperatures for small batch fermentation. Portable tanks with wide dimple jackets are more sanitary because the water sheets off cleanly during washing. There is no interior horizontal seam to catch debris. The sloped floor makes it easy to drain. For something larger, see our full size wine tanks.

Portable tanks are deal for experimentation in wine making. Closed top, stackable portable tanks are extensively used for small batch pump-over fermentation for cabernet and Bordeaux-style reds. Stackable portable tanks are easily moved around the facility using a pallet jack or forklift.

While most portable tanks are closed top like the one one the left, the one featured on the right is a unique combination tank with a removable top. It can be used as an open top small batch tank for punch-down of the red wine must for fermentation of pinot and zinfandel. The removable top greatly expands the usefulness of the tank. After fermentation, the tank can be used for storage, blending and bottling. This removable top configuration allows the tank to be useful all year.

While the removable top shown increases the usability of the tank all through the year, the style on the right is not stackable.

Westec can make six-foot portable tanks with a single-piece sidewall. The dimples can cover nearly the entire surface for stable temperature control.

portable stainless wine tanks wide dimple jackets portable stainless steel wine tank
forklift portable wine tank

Forklift Ready
easy to move

Westec portable wine tanks are built for ease of use.

portable wine tank base

Superior Design
Forklift from any direction

Easy to move and stack for your needs.

manway portable wine tank

Pallet Jack Friendly
for fast, easy moves

Westec portable tanks are easy to work with.