Stainless Wine Tank Repair, Retrofit and Micro-Oxygenation
Westec repairs tanks by any manufacturer

winery ox box

Westec Builds Ox Boxes

4 channel, 5 channel, 8 channel

Controlling the oxygen applied to the wine reduces dependence on barrels for flavor and aging. The use of an OxBox combined with toasted oak allows winemakers to easily integrate this successful method for enhancing wine during fermentation and aging in the controlled environment of a tank.

Westec Tank & Equipment offers standard 4 channel, 5 channel and 8 channel units and can custom design units for your needs. We can install them with optional stainless steel mounting brackets at the top of the wine tank, or integrate them with your catwalk.

The Westec ox boxes and oak integration systems can be customized for your tanks. They are designed to work with StaVin systems oak integration systems to enhance wine fermentation and aging in our stainless wine tanks.

With Westec, vintners can manage oxygen and oak in a single tank, economically, for a consistent product. Manpower costs are slashed and evaporation loss is negligible. Our low-cost mechanical ox-box is user-friendly and reliable. It is easy to set up, simple to use, and is either on or off — no guessing. It is free of the expense and complexity of pressure-based or computer-based systems. The included flowmeter can have up to five lines with easy monitoring of the oxygen in parts per million.

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wine micro oxygenation 5 channel ox box
Five Channel Ox Box
Flowmeter on left
Bubbler on right
(detail below)
wine micro oxygenation bubbles
Ox Box bubbler (detail)

wine tank de-juicing screen

On-Site Repair and Retrofit

We Repair Tanks by any Manufacturer

De-Juicing Screen Holds Back Seeds, Skin

Westec's stainless de-juicing screen, pictured from the inside of the tank next to a bottom round manway, is a wedge wire screen on the inside of the tri-clover fitting, Cherry Burrell or I-line port. The wedge-wire used in de-juicing screen is designed so it doesn’t clog as easily as a curved perforated screen.

It is important to prevent the juice from going over the top of the cap during pumpover operations

Sump-style Bottom Manway

Westec can build your design innovations such as this drain below a round manway built on the edge of the sloped floor of a wine tank.

Retrofit Oaking Systems Installed

Westec can modify existing tanks to hang oak inside, including stave-hanger and oak-additive systems. We put in systems that hold the oak around the inside walls of the tank, suspended below the surface but off the floor of the tank.

Confined Space Proficient

Wineries rely on Westec's proficiency and specialized training for working in tanks with limited entry and exit, such as a single door. We are experienced with the permit process and our crews are trained properly and use proper protective gear.

confined space warning sign Wine Tank Drain
Sump style bottom manway
confined space warning sign