Westec Tank and Equipment Custom and In-Stock Wine Equipment

winery screened roller cart

Screened Sump Cart

Square and compact for easy storage, Westec's heavy duty sump cart is screened at the top to filter debris from the juice. Two compartments make it easy to read the fill markers inside. (See detail next photo.)

Winery Roller Cart with fill level numbers
Wine Tank Manway Rectangular with ports

Specialized Manways

Combinations of manways and ports to your specifications.

replacement base for wine tank

Replacement Tank Bases

Replace damaged or rusted tank bases

Square stainless steel rainwater tank

Square and Special Tanks

This speciality square tank with an exterior ladder was designed for a special application that required these dimensions.

variable capacity wine tank

Variable Capacity Tank

Specialty tops with inflatable seals. This top descends to the top of the juice and the inflatable edge seals to the side of the tank. Perfect for small batches or variable crop yields.