Bigger Jackets, Better Cooling

More than 20 years experience in field-built wine tanks and on-site modifications to existing tanks. Trained, experienced crews, reliable engineering, safety and quality standards.

Field Built

Stainless steel tanks from 10 gallons to 350,000 gallons, trusted by owners and vintners for custom tank design, integrated catwalks, oxygen and oak-additive systems and wine equipment.

Shop Built

Westec builds 5-foot and 6-foot wide dimple panels for more wine tank coverage and better cooling. Less plumbing means lower costs for cleaning and washing our tanks are easier to wash clean.

Dimple Jackets

Five foot and six foot wide dimple panels mean:

  • Better cooling
  • Fewer plumbing ports
  • Easier cleaning
  • Fewer seams
  • Lower operating cost

Westec's custom dimple machines produces 5-foot and 6-foot wide dimple jackets to maximize the design configurations available for the wine tanks you want. We can build tanks from 10 gallons to 250,000 gallons with tops that are cone-shaped, truncated, floating or open. Westec tank bottoms can be configured as flat, sloped or custom. We offer channel jackets as well as unjacketed stainless wine tanks. Manways available include round, oval, rectangular and heavy-duty. Top doors are available in six sizes and Westec offers racking arms, mixer brackets, screen roller carts and other winery equipment.

Experienced winemakers value Westec's proficiency with tank farm layout because of our start-to-finish engineering of pads, embeds, layout and installation.

Westec does more than build tanks in fields, we repair and retrofit tanks on-site, from any manufacturer.

Wine Tank Jacket Dimples